Home Inspectors Also Inspect Your Yard.

Did you know that there are certain yard attributes that a home inspector looks for in addition to the home itself? Below is a list of some of these attributes.

Land levelling

In many states it is a part of a home inspector’s procedure to evaluate how water drains around the house. The land should slope outward away from the house so that water drainage does not collect at the foundation of the house which may cause seepage or leakage into the house. This issue can be corrected by building up enough soil around the foundation of the home so that runoff will travel away from the foundation when it reaches the ground. Another option would be to remove surrounding soil that is further way from the house so that the yard slopes downward from where the house is positioned. 

Tree Branch Removal

 The inspector may also check for large limbs hanging over the house which could fall on the roof causing damage during a powerful storm. Since climbing on a roof is considerably dangerous it is recommended that you hire a professional landscape to handle such a job. If you are a home owner in the Old Line State, we recommend getting served by one of the top Maryland Landscapers; Fair Garden Landscaping out of Silver Spring MD.

Railing and Concrete

Inspectors will also review your home if it has any concrete areas such as a porch. If the porch has railing, then the rails have to be safely secured so that they won’t become a hazard to someone who would have to rely on them to climb steps. The inspector will also check for prominent cracks in driveways and walkways which is a sign of foundational issues. Buyers may request that concrete repairs be made by the seller because more severe cases will be more expensive and take longer to get fixed. Landscapers are not only good for beatifying your yard, but they are also necessary to ensure that the houses are safe and secure for occupancy.